Art in The Garden Painting

“Art in the Garden” is my lastest piece before I attend a workshop with James Kroner in Italy.

This piece is dear to my heart because my artists friends and I organized “Art in The Garden” to help our wonderful teacher and friend Catherine Grawin with her hospital bills. It took place in an artist’s garden.. and it was just magical. Filled with art, music and great friends. One of those moments in time that I will never forget. Now I have a painting as well.

“Cathe”, was loved by many. She was extremely charismatic, as well as a great painter and teacher. We all wanted to be around her, feeling her comforting bright energy. I can still hear her awesome laugh when I paint. She passed away almost 2 years ago, but she’ll live inside of me and all that loved her. She’s a source of great inspiration and strength. Cathe was/is my mentor, in life and in art.

So with James Kroner workshop in Italy, I have really “high expectations”, haha – Hope to keep improving my painting skills, especially “en Plein Air”.

We will be painting in small towns in Umbria, Tuscany and Lake Como. If you follow me on Instagram claudiaverciani you’ll be able to see my progress! I’m super excited and hope to keep up with the intense schedule/itinerary he has for us. Wish me luck! Ciao a tutti!

4 thoughts on “Art in The Garden Painting”

  1. Thank you for bringing back those magical memories through your beautiful painting and words ! Have a wonderful trip, I look forward to more paintings !

  2. Of course I’ve never met her but know how special she was to you and so many others who’s lives she touched. I loved this painting the moment I set eyes on it but even more so as a cherished and meaningful memory for you. Wishing you all the best in Tuscany. I’m not jealous at all! (yes I am) Thank you for all you Claudia .

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